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Data protection


1. Administrator of the Data File:
Reenivirma Oy
Erkkilänkatu 11 B
33100 Tampere
VAT-ID: FI23077430


2. Company Responsible for the Register
Helsinki Vampires Oy Inc.

3. Register name:
Customer database of Helsinki Vampires Oy Inc.

4. Purpose of the Register and Storing Personal Data:
Maintaining customer relationships and managing orders.

5. Content of the Register:
We store personal customer data including:
-address (street address, house/apartment number)
-postal code and post office
-email address
-phone number (voluntary)
-date of birth (voluntary)

6. Regular sources of information
Information provided by the Customer, Reenivirma Oy order database, and information bought from third parties in accordance with Finnish law.

7. Regular Transfer of data and data transmissions outside EC and European Economic Area
Data is not submitted or transferred in any form to parties outside EC and European Economic Area.

8. Data security principles
Manual register is stored in a locked, electronically protected room.
Computer data is stored in a locked room and protected by firewall, user name, and password.

Information will be shared both internally and externally with the following groups::
- employees who need the data in their work
- authorities in accordance with the law (e.g. social workers and tax authorities)
- partners and subcontractors that are essential in maintaining the customer relationship (e.g. involving payment and shipping)

Data file can be accessed only by employees whose job includes the handling of customer data, predefined by the Data File Administrator. These employees are bound by confidentiality agreement.

9. Right to inspect data and the exercise thereof
Registered persons have the right to inspect their personal data and ask for a copy of the said data. The request shall be made in writing, signed and addressed to the Administrator of the Data File.

10. Right to Request Changes in the Data and the Exercise thereof
Registered persons have the right to request rectification of incorrect data. Such requests shall be made in writing and in sufficient detail and addressed to the Administrator of the Data File..

11. Right to Prohibit the Use of Data
Registered persons have the right to prohibit the Data File Administrator from using their personal data for telesales and other means of marketing, genealogical surveys and polls. The request shall be made in writing and addressed to the Administrator of the Data File.

Force majeure

Reenivirma Oy & Helsinki Vampires Oy Inc shall be not liable for failure to perform its obligations if such failure is as a result of Force Majeure, including fire, storm, flood, sabotage, interruptions in money traffic and traffic, accidents causing major harm, actions of public authorities, current or changed law, or labor disputes.


Possible disputes shall be settled at the District Court of Helsinki, Finland.